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Welcome to The Boss Partnership, chartered accountants of Lichfield, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield & Birmingham, providing a personalised service to local business owners and individuals.

For help with any of your accountancy and tax needs, please give us a call.
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We believe you should always be in control of your fees with no surprises.

You are entitled to a competitive fixed quote for agreed services, which is exactly what we charge, not a penny more.


By getting the right advice and taking action to implement it, all is possible.

Effective tax planning is essential if you are to minimise your tax bills. An experienced tax accountant can significantly reduce your tax liabilities.


Get an initial free No Obligation consultation to assess your requirements.

We will provide you with a free, no obligation estimate of how much our services will cost for any agreed services that you'll receive from us.


Our accounting services can benefit your business. Please get in touch and see our tailored solution for every business at great value.



We understand that starting a business is exciting but time consuming. We'll guide you through setting up the right structure that minimises your tax liabilities and assist with essential tax compliance.



We have considerable experience with small limited companies and can help you establish the best way to organise your business tax affairs with HMRC in accordance with current UK tax regulations.



At The Boss Partnership we're here to help take away the headache of understanding the UK tax regime and deal with any issues that you may have with HMRC as your business continues to develop.



Maintaining a relationship with HMRC and carraying out due diligence around your VAT and tax arrangements are crucial. The Boss Partnership can support you every step of the way.


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What Our Clients Say...

Logan is an excellent provider of a broad spectrum of financial and accountancy services. He is thorough, diligent and always delivers regardless of time constraints put upon him. In addition, he is always professional, courteous and a pleasure to do business with from full blown business meetings to a quick chat seeking information. Logan is one person who I know I can rely on to deliver value for money and the highest quality service time after time.

Clive Chapman

Logan provided my company with excellent advice on our start up and has continued to ensure that we are treated as an important client, deserving of individual attention. I would recommend him as the ‘go-to’ guy for anyone who is looking to set up in business and requires a professional and at the same time personal approach to Financial Management.

Lisa McLaren

Logan’s knowledge and experience, and his ability to explain in layman terms, makes working with him painless! He is very responsive and keeps an eye on that balance sheet, without losing sight of our strategic objective.

Mike Davis

Logan is the first accountant we have employed who properly understands our small business and actually helps us to run it in a cleverer way. We benefit from his experience, skills and willingness to offer clear direction. Thoroughly recommended.

David Kershaw

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